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Windshield replacementCollision damage isn’t just about fenders and frames. That’s why our highly trained, certified technicians are also experts in windshields and window replacement and repair for every year, make and model of vehicle on the road.

Mobile windshield repair and replacement

Call or email us for pricing. We are mobile and can replace your windshield or any other piece of glass at your work place, your home or you can simply come to our location.

Windshield Replacement

Our technicians install only the highest quality auto glass and sealants to ensure your new windshield performs as expected. We offer same-day or next day auto glass installation and repair service with direct billing to insurance companies.

Windshield Repair

One of the first questions that comes up after a windshield is damaged is whether to repair it or replace it. Repairing is often desirable because it is less expensive, keeps the original factory installation of the windshield and also prevents the old windshield from being thrown out, helping the environment.

We repair windshield chips by injecting special adhesives into the damaged part of the glass.

Questions and answers

Question: Who should I call first to set up the replacement?

Answer: It’s best to call DeGovanni Collision Auto Glass first. We will simplify the procedure for you by filing your claim with your insurance company. We’ll take care of all the paperwork, which will result in less interaction between you and the insurance provider. The process is simple.

Question: Would my rates increase if I filed a claim with my insurance company?

Answer: Auto glass is covered under the comprehensive portion of your policy for accidents or events outside of your control, you should not be penalized for these auto glass claims, and your rates should not increase. In all of our years of experience in this industry, we have never heard of rates increasing for auto glass insurance claims.

Question: Am I only allowed to receive one free windshield per year?

Answer: No. If you carry comprehensive insurance, Your Insurance Company must replace the glass as often as necessary. It is unsafe and illegal to drive with a broken windshield that obstructs your view. Your windshield helps to hold the vehicle’s frame together, making it an integral part of its safety system.

Question: Can I choose who does my auto glass replacement?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can and should. Your insurance company will try to direct you but the choice is yours.

Question: Do you also repair or replace other auto glass too?

Answer: Yes, repairs can be performed for minor imperfections or chips but very few windshields qualify for a repair. Keep in mind that repairs are not perfect and in most cases are still noticeable.

Question: Why am I getting different pricing?

Answer: Pricing is primarily driven by quality of the glass. First, factory glass is the most expensive but it’s the best. Second, aftermarket glass is in the middle of the road. Quality of aftermarket glass also varies and its price is driven by the aftermarket manufacturer or distributor. Not all aftermarket glass is the same. Third, used glass is the cheapest but used glass normally has some imperfections or chips.

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